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We’ve been where you’re standing right now and understand the issues you face. For us, it started over 10 years ago when we built our first website and needed to boost our site’s rank. Through trial and error we discovered the best link building strategies.

We have honed our SEO skill set to develop strategies which are proven to work over the long term. Now we’re opening our doors to others like yourself, who want the opportunity to help increase their own site’s rankings.

The package we bought was excellent. We had results in less than a week and the sites stayed ranked! These guys know their stuff and are really professional. Herman Vasquez

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High PR Backlinks

Simple backlink packages that boost your website. High page rank inbound links with relevant anchor text is the easiest way to boost your rank in search engines.

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SEO Consulting

We offer our SEO knowledge to you as your own personal coach. Consider it a little like hiring a personal trainer to get your website into shape for the search engines.

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SEO Services

When you're ready to hire SEO experts with 10+ years of experience, you can rely on BLN to rank your business. Giving you more time to focus on the things you need to be doing.

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Rank Higher in Search Engines

We believe anyone should rank in the search engines if they want to, not just big companies. It’s been consistently proven that high page rank inbound links with relevant anchor text is the number one way to help rank in the search engines. we want to help make that a reality for your website.

Get More Organic Traffic

Bigger and better oppurtunities will naturally grow your business. PPC costs have risen dramatically in the last several years as more and more companies attempt to carve out a peice of the internet pie. A long term SEO strategy can help you offset the costs of PPC and increase your profit margins.

Get More of What You Want

Everyone wants more visitors because that means more sales, more leads, more signups, and more engagement with your target audience. We understand that getting more visitors leads to one important thing: more revenue for your business.

Increased "Buzz" Marketing

High rankings get you noticed! Increasing your rankings means more search exposure, which means more “BUZZ” marketing for your website. Many website owners never realize they’re missing out on valuable attention from increased visibility.

I started with BLN media group about 1 month ago. I have done trials with many other SEO companies and could never get the results I wanted or even no results at all. When I signed up with BLN media group I went in with a good feeling knowing it was an established network and it had results for its own. Well let me tell you, signing up with BLN was the best move I have made with SEO. It got my hard competition keywords to the top 5 spots on Google in less than 1 month! You have to try this out to believe it, but believe when I say if you are looking for real results these guys are the real deal!

- Andy, Florida

The backlink package we bought was excellent quality. We had results in less than a week and the sites stayed ranked! These guys know their stuff and are really professional.

- Herman Vasquez, Columbia

This linking service really does work. I have used it on three of my websites with top page rankings on all sites. Amazing results in just two weeks. I thoroughly recommend the linking service and can say without a doubt that they respond to any questions customers have.

- John Fares, Australia
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Since we value our clients’ time and their marketing efforts, we can’t work with everyone. Some businesses have used shadier SEO firms in the past, or are wiling to do anything to rank their websites, even destroying their competition through negative SEO. That’s not us. The clients we choose to work with run reputable businesses and are trying their best to make the Internet a fair and cooperative place to work. See our  SEO Case Studies for some examples of our current clients.


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