Web Statistics

How it works

We believe anyone should rank in the search engines if they want to, not just big companies. It’s been consistently proven that high link juice inbound links with relevant anchor text is the number one way to help rank in the search engines.

Your rankings will begin to increase as the link juice flows to your website. You will be able to sign in to your private profile through our member portal to see the results in real time.

Important Notes

Changing Backlinks

After the backlinks have been posted you can change the anchor text and/or landing page to the same domain. However, there is a nominal maintenance fee of $5 per link. Unfortunately, we had to implement this policy and we appreciate your understanding.

Unique Content

We currently pull from an article service to post content with your backlinks. If you would prefer your own unique content you will need to provide us a different article for each post and then we will need to approve the content before we post the articles. Most clients are happy with using our article service, and we see no difference in ranking with either choice you decide to use.

Our Guarantee To You

  • Unique class "C" IPs for each site so Google can't footprint your link building strategy, and sees only unique links directing link juice to your website.
  • A unique DNS per site. Too many SEO firms promise quality links without understanding how important a unique DNS is to the power of backlinks.
  • All out-bound links (OBLs) limited to 20 links per site. We try to keep the power in the link by limiting all of our home page out-bound links to 20.
  • Links placed on each site's home page give the page rank and your links full power. Every one of your links will be placed on the home page of the site, transferring the highest amount of link juice to your website.
  • Deep linking allowed. If you want your link to point somewhere 30 pages deep into your website, just let us know.
  • A stringent selection process for each site. This guarantees the trust of the website is passed on to yours. Each website your link is placed on has undergone a grueling process of selection.
  • Each link is placed on separate high page rank site. Each link will be unique and from a unique website. We will NOT stuff your links alongside a bunch of other links.
  • Anchor text used is up to you. Multiple anchor text variations are allowed, so you can use many different anchor texts.
  • All links that are placed on our high page rank sites will be “do follow.”
  • If you’re not satisfied, just cancel your subscription and your backlinks will be removed. Simple as that!

Our Philosophy

Safe Backlinks

Backlinks are an important metric major search engines use to rank websites. It’s just like a popularity contest, when one website links to another that website becomes more popular and ranks better. You might not know it, but all backlinks are not the same. Some links are viewed as safe and others are viewed as unsafe. The techniques we use do not use black hat tools or black hat methods to improve your search engine placement.

Exclusive Clients

We feel it’s important to deliver on our promises to improve your search engine placement. It’s our goal to give you the best search engine placement possible. It’s for that reason we only work with clientele we can properly service. It’s our job to pay personal attention to your needs, help your business grow and gain exposure. It’s for this reason, we only accept a limited number of clients.

Personal Attention

We have faced the same issues you face and have operated online e-commerce platforms we wanted to rank. When you decide to choose us as your SEO provider, you not only receive a service, but you gain a business partner. Before we started BLN Media Group, we had websites of our own we needed to rank better inside the search engines. Over the last ten years, we honed our skill set and developed strategies which work. You get to utilize that knowledge and you will receive the personal attention your deserve.

No Spam or Negative SEO

Search engines have certain safe practices which must be adhered to if you want your website to maintain its exposure inside the search engines. Because of these certain guidelines, we will never spam your website with unscrupulous links in order to rank your website faster. It’s our job to use safe practices and ensure the long term success of your website, so you can continue to grow your business and assist individuals with their needs..

Everything is Removable

We can’t reveal the methods we will use to increase your search engine placement. But everything we accomplish and complete in order to increase your search placement can be removed. What does this means to you as a website owner? If you are unhappy with our work for any reason or no reason at all, we will remove everything we have put in place, giving you piece of mind.

Tested and Secure

Everything we accomplish with your rankings has been tested prior before implementation. We always continue to test and research new methods. SEO continues to radically change as more and more companies move their storefronts online. In order to complete and gain needed exposure, you need a trained specialist.