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Pricing Structure

Our goal is to help you get backlinks to your site as simple and cost effective as possible, we feel we’ve done just that. You can pick and choose which domains you want and how many of them you feel you need. This gives you more control of your SEO strategy and budget. Our only limit is a $50 initial order, additional orders can be any size. We also priced the domains at a very reasonable rate of only $10 a month per domain.

Minimum First Order


Our minimum initial order is $50 but after that you can order as many or as little backlinks you want. You also have the ability to easily add, change or remove backlinks on your account via your account administration.

Any Domain



Per Domain

We wanted to make our services cost effective for everyone no matter how small your marketing budget may be. That is why we decided to make all backlinks only $10 each per month for any of the domains we offer on our network.

Our Guarantee To You

  • Unique class "C" IPs for each site so Google can't footprint your link building strategy, and sees only unique links directing link juice to your website.
  • A unique DNS per site. Too many SEO firms promise quality links without understanding how important a unique DNS is to the power of backlinks.
  • All out-bound links (OBLs) limited to 20 links per site. We try to keep the power in the link by limiting all of our home page out-bound links to 20.
  • Links placed on each site's home page give the page rank and your links full power. Every one of your links will be placed on the home page of the site, transferring the highest amount of link juice to your website.
  • Deep linking allowed. If you want your link to point somewhere 30 pages deep into your website, just let us know.
  • A stringent selection process for each site. This guarantees the trust of the website is passed on to yours. Each website your link is placed on has undergone a grueling process of selection.
  • Each link is placed on separate high page rank site. Each link will be unique and from a unique website. We will NOT stuff your links alongside a bunch of other links.
  • Anchor text used is up to you. Multiple anchor text variations are allowed, so you can use many different anchor texts.
  • All links that are placed on our high page rank sites will be “do follow.”
  • If you’re not satisfied, just cancel your subscription and your backlinks will be removed. Simple as that!

Our Client List is Limited!

Since we value our clients’ time and their marketing efforts, we can’t work with everyone. Some businesses have used shadier SEO firms in the past, or are wiling to do anything to rank their websites, even destroying their competition through negative SEO. That’s not us. The clients we choose to work with run reputable businesses and are trying their best to make the Internet a fair and cooperative place to work.

You can also Contact Us Directly

You can email us or message us on Skype, or call our Michigan office Monday through Friday, 8am to 5pm ET.  We seek to respond to all requests within one business day.

  • Phone: (888) 415-6604
  • Skype Name: blnmediagroup
  • Email: seo@blnmediagroup.com