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What is a Private Blog Network (PBN)?

PBNs are the secret weapon top SEO experts use to safely rank websites quickly & easily, when done right. Below are some of the more frequently asked questions regarding PBNs on how they are created and used to rank websites.

What is a PBN?

A properly designed PBN is a network of several domains that have PageRank and are not associated or linked to each other in any way. They will have their own unique DNS and IP address along with privacy enabled. In addition, strategies will be employed to prevent other people from seeing information regarding the domain without hindering search engine bots from crawling the website.

Backlinks will then be placed on a landing page which has actual PageRank from each of those domains. The links will be pointed to a landing page on your designated website. The anchor text will be chosen by you and there will be relevant content around the link. The amount of outbound links should be limited to prevent diluting the link’s “juice” from that page.

Are PBNs still effective after Google's latest updates?

Yes. There is ample evidence proving that companies are still out there using quality PBNs to help effectively increase the ranking of websites for themselves and/or their clients. Those who did get hit by Google were either set up incorrectly and/or were huge operations that attracted Google’s attention.

Why are PBNs better than other options?

There are many reasons why a PBN is better than other backlinking strategies, here are just a few:

  • The link in a PBN is actually on the home page of a real, trusted site. Many say they give backlinks from high PR domains but what they fail to mention is the actual landing page the backlink is on has little if any PageRank. PageRank and the link juice it provides is landing page specific NOT domain specific.
  • The amount of links on each domain in a quality PBN should be limited so that the link juice is strong for each link. A good amount would be less than 30 outbound links per page.
  • You can control the anchor text and the content around the link on a good PBN. This gives you the ability to increase the relevancy (and quality) for each link.
  • The links can be easily removed from a PBN if needed. Unlike other links that, once you put them up, you may never be able to pull them down.
  • Since there are only a few very high quality backlinks being placed on a PBN it helps to minimize any risk of over optimization or spamming red flags. This means you are much less likely to receive any Google penalty.
  • Because a PBN is expensive and time consuming to own and operate there aren’t a lot of people right now doing this type of backlinking correctly which can give you an advantage over your competition.

What does it take to run a PBN?

A quality PBN does not come cheap (see “Can I create my own PBN” below for the reasons why) because it requires money, time and knowledge. First, it is expensive to own and operate a PBN for not only researching and buying domains but also the hosting and other software needed. Next, it requires your time to mange the sites properly and make sure they stay safe from both Google and other competitors. Finally, it takes a certain certain combination of skill set, knowledge, and experience to build and properly manage an effective PBN.

With all 3 in place a PBN can produce excellent results so the demand for quality PBNs is high. With that said, you have to look at it just like any other form of marketing and if you spend a few hundred to make a few thousand then your Return on Investment (ROI) makes it worth the investment and justifies any risks you feel you may have in using a PBN.

Can I create my own PBN?

Absolutely! You can create your own PBN and control it yourself but there are some things you need to be aware of:

  • First, you need to know where to find the right domains to buy that are of good quality.
  • Once you find domains you can buy, you then have to be able to effectively evaluate them so you know they are quality and won’t lose their link juice after purchasing them.
  • From there you then need to be able to determine a fair price to make sure you don’t overpay for the domain. You will also have other buyers who are trying to acquire these domains too. It’s not uncommon to see a quality high quality domain go for $1,500+.
  • Once you own the domain you need to know how to properly and safely setup hosting, the website structure, its design, etc.
  • Finally, you need to employ certain programs and techniques to protect your investment from other people who want to hurt your PBN by having it hacked, spammed, or reported to Google. You also need to protect yourself from Google so you don’t get it de-indexed or have the PageRank dropped.

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